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Buyer's Guide

3M Drinking Water Systems


 3M Drinking Water System

3M Full Flow Drinking Water System3M Advanced Drinking Water System3M Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
System Benefits

Great entry level system for better tasting water

Great filtration with a high flow rate for all your cooking and drinking needs

Industry leading filtration for cleaner, better tasting water

Bottle-quality water with our highest filtration & contaminant reduction

Contaminant Reduction Rating*





Dedicated (separate) or existing faucet





Filter replacement cycle

6 Months

Once a Year

Once a Year

Once a Year

Number of 16.9 oz. plastic bottles you can keep out of landfills every year





*These contaminant reduction ratings were developed by 3M to rate differences within our product portfolio only

What is a dedicated faucet?

  • A dedicated faucet provides filtered water at the point of use
  • All of our drinking water systems except the 3M Full Flow Drinking Water System use dedicated faucets
  • Most sinks have pre-drilled holes designated for sprayers, soap dispensers, and other accessories.  If your sink does not have an extra hole, we highly recommend professional installation. Without an existing hole, you may need to have one installed

The 3M Full Flow Drinking Water System Advantage.

  • Filters all of the existing faucet's cold water
  • No dedicated faucet required
  • Filter is replaced approximately once a year
  • High faucet flow rate of 2.5 max gallons/min (EPA federal standards set max residential flow rate at 2.2 gallons/min)
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