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3M™ Backwash Filtration System 200

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Model No: 3MCBF200

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The 3M™ Backwash Filtration System 200 treats water as it enters your home. 3M provides a variety of media to help address your specific water improvement needs. Benefits of these systems include reduction of Chlorine Taste & Odor and De-Chlorination (using Activated Carbon media), Acid Neutralizer/pH adjustment (using Calcite media), Particulate and Precipitated Iron (using Filter Sand media) from your water.

Please call our customer care team for assistance on the right media for your home

The 3M Backwash Filtration System 200 self-cleans the media by rinsing off the contaminants filtered from the water. This helps minimize energy and water waste by only backwashing when needed.


  • Does not use harsh chemicals
  • Addresses chlorine taste and odor*
  • Diminishes metallic tastes & rotten egg odor*

*benefits may be specific to your media choice and need


Additional Information

Reduction Claims Chlorine Taste and Odor, Iron, Acid Neutralizer/pH Adjustment, Particulate and Precipitated Iron
Dimensions Media Tank: 12"D x 54"H Media: 2.0 Cubic Feet
Temperature Range 40 - 110°F (4.4 - 43.3°C)
Pressure Range 20 - 100 psi (138 - 689 kPa)
Flow Rate Service Flow Rate: 4 gpm (15.1 lpm) Backwash Flow Rate: 7.5 gpm (28.4 lpm)
Installation Manual 3MCBF_Manual.pdf
Specification Sheet 3MCBF_Spec.pdf

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  • 3M recommends that that this product be installed by a plumbing professional. To order installation of this product, simply check the box next to installation.
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